To deepen the Nigeria’s ecosystem and the rest of the world by creating economic opportunities, innovations and development for youths through synergies and public private partnership that works.

TedPrime has its vision to strengthen the UN SDG Goals and make qualitative, equitable and inclusive education a strong force in which remain the bedrock of every country’s national development through initiatives and practices.

To work with governments, corporate and multinational organizations as well as diplomatic missions in promoting strong ties and bilateral relations between Nigeria and the rest of the world by leveraging on education, digital divide and youth development.

TEDPRIME - Distruptive Innovation In Learning

TedPrime underscores the unprecedented roles the interpolation of culture and diversity as well as innovation and creativity in an interconnected world thereby leveraging on these values through strong collaboration of existing networks of experts and professionals from other countries in the new world where young people hope to live

CODELINERS-Teaching Kids How To Code

Raising the Next Generation Of STEM Youths

EDUBOX - Distruptive Innovation In Learning

Learning Made Easy