The aim of this prospective workshop is to
Integrate American standards of effective teaching
develop teachers with structurally designed capacity building that enhances developing Nigerian students at secondary level to be change agents and critical thinkers.
cultivate and develop a cultural attitude among teachers in using technology at their disposal to improve productivity in the classroom and broadening their knowledge on different areas of their lives such as health, security, education, news and other real life applications.
equip teacher to gain foundation of skills to fully integrate collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity (4cs) into existing classroom curricula and promote student-centered learning.
Provide required professional training and human capital development for teachers in Ogun State public secondary schools which have not been effected over the last 8 years in groundbreaking ways.


Direct Beneficiaries:

Teachers: These are the participants who in the course of their responsibility would be deploying skills and ideals of human capital development project

Ogun State Teaching Service Commission: As a measure of resuscitating and restructuring the training and development department of the commission in a way to portray international best practices

Indirect Beneficiaries:

Students/Learners: who have been victims of poor teaching pedagogies in the information age they find themselves as a strategic move to enhance and improve their learning outcomes and make them think critically as change agents.

Ogun State Government: As a way of strategizing measures for human capital development in education sector which has been begging for attention over 8 years ago.


Microsoft Education Nigeria:

Microsoft Education is a section under Microsoft Corporation, globally charged with the responsibility of providing resources for teachers and schools across the globe to develop them with adequate instructional and professional design that promote 21st Century Education.

Activities of Microsoft Nigeria in this project shall be coordinated by Microsoft Education Programs Manager, Jordan Belmonte.

Ogun State Teaching Service Commission

Ogun TESCOM is an agency under Ogun State Government charged with the responsibility of recruiting, training and development of teachers in public secondary schools and has over 30,000 teaching workforce in 874 schools in Ogun State.


Participants shall be engaged with:

different skills in 21st century teaching and learning processes

new discoveries in teaching and learning process in different learning environments with comparative assessments of Nigeria and other countries

numerous ways of exploring technology and innovation for effective delivery of lesson in the Nigerian classrooms.

innovative use of different technologies at their disposal as tools for lesson delivery.

prospects on professional and career development in teaching and certifications such as free trips to local, regional and world exhibitions and competitions, free technology for classrooms, exchange programmes for teachers.