TedPrime Hub Extends Her Teacher Training Programme to Lagos State

In what appears to be a national development in trajectory, TedPrime Hub extended its radar to the development of teaching profession in public education sector of Lagos State.

The educators who are under the Aegis of The Nigerian Union of Teachers, Alimosho Local Government were walked through Teachers’ Professional Competencies in the 21st Century were trained on themes under Teach Right Africa  Project of the organization.

The event which was held at the NUT Alimosho Local Government Secretariat in Lagos featured about 65 participants on a two day event to explore 21st Century Learning Design, Teaching with Technology and Professional Development opportunities for Educators across the globe.

The Co-founders who are both educators and teacher trainers of Microsoft in Education programmes, United States Exchange Program Alumni Members with international reputations on varying degrees of global platforms explored the potentials and prospects of 21st century teaching and learning practices as experienced across the globe.

Declaring the workshop open, the Education Secretary of Alimosho Local Government of Lagos State thanked TedPrime Hub for coming to the rescue on challenges bothering on innovative teaching and learning process characterized by 21st century learning paradigm which Lagos State is expected to be at the forefront. The Education Secretary of Alimosho Local Government of Lagos State however charged the organizer (TedPrime Hub) and Lagos State government to consider a wider approach to this development in terms of training of other public secondary school teachers in Lagos State to enhance even distribution of best practices as enjoyed by teachers in Alimosho Local Government.

In his closing remark, TedPrime Hub Co-Founder, Olalekan Adeeko expressed the readiness of the organization to position itself as an antidote to challenges relating to teachers competencies across all the states of the federations and further raise the bar of the teaching profession to an enviable state through innovations and global best practices.

One of the participants (Name withheld) expressed her satisfaction on the learning experience she gained within the two day event as a transformational pattern relatively designed to challenge her competencies over 20 years of teaching experience and previous workshop and seminars attended so far in the course of her status as a public secondary school teacher in Lagos State.

The Participants were walked through Microsoft Educator Community Platforms within the two day and were Certified as Microsoft Innovative Educators.

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