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Microsoft AgroTech Hackathon Finalists

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ICT Training in Ghana

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Industry experts gathered at Microsft ADC Center

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We run a MakerSpace where we teach kids Coding & Robotics

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TedPrime Team at AgroTech Hackathon

Why Choose TedPrimeHub?

TedPrime Hub is a globally connected organization with its framework to usher in the new revolution where education becomes the main underlying factor in the new world and ecosytem that is engulfed with technology and innovation.

Partnerships for Educational Sustainability

We support Education and Sustainability through partnership and collaboration with stakeholders in public and private, local and international organizations on shared goals

Innovative Solutions for Learning

We are the bridge between children/youths and opportunities that re-define their skill-sets and modern learning practices to advance an innovative and educated population

Technology for Education & Industrial Development

We influence the education ecosystem and industrial development through teacher capacity & development, learning dynamics & school development, and industrial development skills

We are a global IT Learning Hub promoting STEM Education in Nigeria and beyond

We are working to propel Nigeria into becoming one of the active key players of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Education to create a safer planet by 2030 and beyond

Coding Clubs

Raising the next generation of youths that can solve the world's problem through Coding

Sustainable Learning Environment

To make qualitative, equitable, and inclusive education a strong force

Enhancing Technology

Enhancing learning using technology to design innovative practices for the 21st century workforce

Programs and Courses

We are committed to developing STEM education across all sectors. Hence, we constantly carry out dynamic and interesting program activities. Below is a list of the programs and courses we offer regularly

Our Web development Course is robust and in-line with latest trends

Enrol into our web development course to know how to build & design beautiful and responsive websites/web apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. You will also learn Scratch Programming, GitHub, Hosting and you will be introduced to agile web development (DevOps).

Learn from industry experts and get more value for your money


Learn the concept of programming to build a strong foundation in software development

You will start with Scratch programming and proceed to learn Python/JavaScript, Git and be introduced to agile software development (DevOps).

Our Data Analytics course with Power BI, Excel, SQL, and Python for Data Analytics are anchored by professionals in the industry

Clean, transform and visualize data, DAX, Modelling and generating Reports and Dashboards

Get certified as a Microsoft Certified PowerBI Data Analyst

Hear what our students have to say about our programsReviews

We tutor and prepare you for microsoft based certifications

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals : Getting started with Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Visual Tools for Machine Learning

Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals : Explore core data concept, relational/nonrelational data in Azure, Data Analytics in Azure

Technology Literacy for Educators : 21st Century Learning Design, Teaching with Technology

Digital Literacy/ Microsoft Productivity Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel & Microsoft PowerPoint

Python Programming :Functions, Classes, Lists etc

User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX): Adobe XD: Tools, Concepts and Prototyping

Graphic Design: Content Creation, Visualization and Conceptualization, CorelDraw

Holders of Microsoft Certifications globally have higher prospects of jobs and competitiveness in different industries

Join talented individuals in the Diamond Challenge

Do you have creative ideas in tech or non-tech sector?

Register to be a diamond challenger in the upcoming entries and idea-selection from January to February of every year. The Diamond Challenge is the catalyst that propels high school entrepreneurs to the next level through meaningful connections, resources and transformative feedback. We empower students in high school and beyond through entrepreneurial education and enrichment opportunities in order for students to create, capture, and deliver value from new ideas, regardless of their future career path.


Meet other teachers from around the globe

We connect teachers globally helping them make long-lasting connections and grow their career. Join Today

Bridging the gender gap in STEM

Empowering girls to play strategic roles remains one of the top global issues in 4th Industrial revolution the world is heralding to.

We created an initiative that designs a closed group for participants’ projects, community group for participants and experts drawn from partner organizations as well as conducting Girls in STEM Summit and Exhibition


Gain practicable skills in Cybersecurity to protect your individual and organizational assets

Our Cybersecurity course exposes you to the fundamentals of how to ensure integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data on-premise or in the cloud.

Be better prepared to earn the Microsoft Azure Security Engineer and the Microsoft Azure Cybersecurity Architect Certification.

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Here are some feature projects by some of our studentsView

Diamond Challenge

A $100,000 prize pool, a global community of innovators, and an unforgettable experience, open to any teen, any location, and idea. Diamond Challenge is the world's largest entrepreneurship competition created by University of Delaware Horn Entrepreneurship in 2012 for any high school student who seek to be a part of a life-long community of innovators and world changers. Join the league of previous winners and fund your future!


2019 Winner

Team JustNig were the 2019 semi-finalist and national winner


2020 Winner

Team QuickSale were the 2020 winner

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